My post is not related to sending emails to users about this.
Although, it would be nice if an email can be sent about Updates to Privacy Policy (September 2021). Anyway, it's just false hopes.

Philippe, VP of Community, said this:

"... we will be doing some work on the TOS next year sometime, it's in the VERY early planning stages and I'm not sure that anyone knows what will be included there."

Next year, when Stack Exchanges finalises the draft of the new Terms of Service, please send an email to users of Stack Exchange (at least a month in advance before the Terms of Service comes into effect) regarding "Updates to Terms of Service".

For example (from Quora):

Screenshot of mail sent by Quora

Also, if any changes are made in the privacy policy and/or terms of service in the future, please send an email to Stack Exchange users (at least a month in advance before the legal agreement comes into effect). Please set a good precedent :)

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    Terms of Service changes are emailed. Oct 11 at 19:48
  • @SonictheAnonymousHedgehog I was not an SE user in the past (when the ToS was changed). Can you please share a screenshot of the email which you received? Oct 12 at 17:02

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