I have several questions about Mathematica I am going to ask at the Mathematica Stack Exchange site. I have one dilemma, which involves the fact that I can only have one saved draft at a time.

Is there a way on the Stack Exchange website to save multiple drafts for questions on one website?

In my case, I have several questions I am working on currently:

  • How can I use the right Entity function within the Entity Framework of Mathematica?
  • How can I create a word square efficiently?

Is there is a way to suggest the ability to save multiple drafts be added to Stack Exchange if there is no way to save multiple drafts?


There's no way to have more than one saved question draft per site. As a workaround, you can:

  • Write all your questions in the same draft, then cut out the extra ones when you post, creating a new draft afterwards.

  • Use an external program, which has the advantage of making it unlikely you'll lose your drafts. It makes it harder to format though.

  • Use a sandbox (if one is available on the site — Mathematica doesn't seem to have one).

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    Not enough for another answer, but you can also put one question as an answer draft... this will come with a host of drawbacks, but it allows two separate drafts.
    – bobble
    Nov 21 '21 at 6:09

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