The Stack Exchange network user interface has a lot of forms, and subsequently, inputs with various character limits in place. Some of them are notorious (such as custom moderator flag character limit or the custom suggested edit reject reason one), some are less well-known.

It is past time we had a definitive guide on those for the sake of having documentation and for providing a unified place for tracking changes to the limits (should such a thing occur in 6 to 8 time units), so the question is:

What are the various character limits across the Stack Exchange network?

The scope of this Q&A is limited to character limits only.
For a detailed guide on rate-limiting, see the The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide.

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    I've attempted to make the reference as complete as possible from the start, but it is a work in progress - please do let me know what I missed or should be added (moderator tools limits, articles limits, etc) Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 16:10
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    "It is past time we had a definitive guide" - the reading should not be rushed on this one. Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 22:06
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    Anyway, kudos for the initiative. Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 22:08

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Area 51

Input Field Min Max Notes/Images
Example question 15 150 Min:
example question dialog - min
Proposal topic 3 150 Min:
choose a topic field - min
Proposal audience 15 250 Min:
describe audience field - min
Proposal champions 15 500 Min:
describe organizers - min


Input Field Min Max Notes/Images
Bounty remarks (total characters) 30 3000 Min:
expectations dialog

Reduce Character Limit for Bounty Custom Text
Bounty remarks (paragraphs/lines) 1 4 Max: Line breaks/paragraphs for bounty text

Close votes

Input Field Min Max Notes/Images
"Other - add a comment" off-topic reason 30 500 Min:
off-topic reason dialog - min

Close reasons (Mod-only edits)

Input Field Min Max Notes
Brief Description 10 100 e.g. "No longer reproducible"
Usage guidance, Close description, Post owner guidance, Privileged user guidance 25 500 See screenshot


Input Field Min Max Notes
Single-line message 1 500 Max:
What is the maximum length of a chat room message?
Chat search 0 80
Room description 0 500 Max:
Chat room info/description max length

Contact Us

Input Field Min Max Notes
Problem description 15 5000 Min:
contact us form - min
Help center search 0 300


Input Field Min Max Notes
Edit summary depends 300 Minimum is 10 if suggesting an edit or you're a moderator editing an existing edit summary. There is no minimum for binding edits or when suggesting an edit to a tag wiki when you have enough reputation to review others' suggestions but not enough to make binding edits.
Please enter at least 10 characters
On Stack Overflow in Japanese, the minimum is 5 instead of 10.
Suggested edits 6 depends There is no max length limit for registered users, other than the post length limit. For anonymous users, there's an undisclosed limit, and hitting it will ban the IP address for 7 days.
How do suggested edits work?
How to overcome "Edits must be at least 6 characters"
Redaction explanation 1 300 Text field labelled "Redaction summary" with placeholder "explain what's being redacted (removed login information, expunged personally-identifying information)" and a red "Redact revision" button and a "Cancel" link


Input Field Min Max Notes
Nomination 1200 Max:
Does anyone else think the moderator nominations are TLDR?
Questionnaire 12000 This is where candidates answer the questions.


Input Field Min Max Notes/Images
"In need of moderator intervention" flag reason 10 500 Min:
custom mod flag dialog - min
"Something else" comment flag reason 6 200 Min:
custom comment flag dialog - min

For both post and comment flags, increase the maximum length permitted for the text of custom flags
Declined flag custom reason 10* 200 Min:
enter image description here
Helpful flag reason 10* 200 Min:
helpful flag reason - min

* The minimum length is only checked client-side and is not enforced server-side.

Help Center (Mod-only edits)

Input Field Min Max Notes
Blurb under the favicon, Tour ??? ???
"Ask about.." and "Don't ask about...", Tour ??? ???
What topics can I ask about here? ??? ???
Area under the search bar, Help Center 0 ???


Input Field Min Max Notes
Answers 30 30,0002 Max:
Please increase the maximum allowed length for answers
Community Wikis 301 30,0002 Max:
Character limit for wiki answers
Comments 151 600 Min:
Why was the minimum comment length of 15 chosen?
Question body 301 30,0002 Min:
Do some Stack Exchange sites have longer minimum question lengths than others?
Is there a limit on the length of a question?
Question title 151 150 Min:
Able to break the minimum title length restriction?
Eligibility for tour page 4003 Maximum length for being eligible to appear on a site's tour page. Applies to the question and at least two of its answers, each. Unlike other character limits, this checks the rendered HTML of each post, not the Markdown. See:
What determines the questions available for selection in the tour page?

1 On Stack Overflow in Japanese and its per-site meta, the minimum requirement for question bodies is 20 characters, and the minimum requirement for comment bodies and question titles is 8 characters. This applies regardless of community wiki status. Answers are subject to the network default of 30.

2 On Code Review, the character limit is 65,536 for all posts; see this comment. On Meta Stack Exchange, the limit is 50,000.

3 On Skeptics, there is no limit.


Input Field Min Max Notes
About me 0 3000 Max:
Could we get "n characters left" status when editing "About Me" in our profile?
Display Name 3 30 Min:
Prevent (or at least notify about) display names shorter than 3 chars
Full Name 0 100
Location 0 100
Moderator annotatons 10 300


Input Field Min Max Notes
Suggested edit rejection reason 20 400 Min:
custom rejection reason - min

Increase the character limit of the custom edit rejection reasons

Search & Filters

Input Field Min Max Notes
Site search 0 240 Max:
Remove the max length restriction on the search boxes
Tag search 0 depends Registered users may search for an unlimited number of tags. Anonymous users are restricted to searching for 3 tags at a time: the 4th and later tags are stripped out of the query; this applies even if wildcard tag syntax is being used, in which case it will be fully expanded to all matching tags and all except the first three will then be stripped out.
Tag filter 0 35


Input Field Min Max Notes
Tag names 1 35 Max:
Raising the 25 chars limit for tags
Tag excerpts 20 460 Min:
tag excerpt field - min

The Tag Wiki dropdown should display the entire tag wiki excerpt mentions 450, but the data-max-length on the input is actually set to 460
Tag wikis 30 unknown — at least 44,000 characters Min:
tag wiki body - min
When editing from the revision history page (e.g., to edit from an old revision): the post length limit applies
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    This is a nice start. Next, I have to wonder about moderator-only fields, such as those for the help center. Or even Tag Warning text, which can only be set by a developer, I think. (I may see what I can add later.)
    – Laurel
    Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 17:55
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    @Laurel yeah, mod-only fields would be nice to have too - I got so tired of running around trying to find the limits scattered in various posts that I finally decided to initiate the definitive guide :) Hope it takes off Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 17:57
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    The max length for election nominations is 1,200 characters Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 19:16
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    By the way, it isn't possible to edit this post with the new editor unless you're in markdown mode, otherwise the formatting gets all screwy.
    – Laurel
    Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 22:00
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    @Laurel ugh, yes, do not even mention the new editor :) I dread the time when it becomes mandatory (unless SE fixes the most egregious issues which, well, is far from guaranteed). Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 22:15

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