I was perplexed why a shared link to an answer in an answer was not populating the Linked section on the right-hand side.

It turns out, it's because I edited in the link while the post was deleted then undeleted. And the fix was to remove the link, save, readd it.

Is this as designed, or a bug?
It is my understanding that links in deleted answers (and comments?) still populate the Linked section, so I'm guessing it's not related to the post being deleted. Perhaps the script needs to run again after undeletion?

Update: I tested in a now-deleted answer to this question, but I can't reproduce. My guess is the script failed to run for some reason where I encountered it.

After undeletion:


After removing link and readding:


What happened:


Note: the suggested edit is unrelated to the link to the answer that wasn't showing:

different links



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