Give that users can self-(un)delete their own posts, why does the alert pop up a) say I am voting when it's instantly undeleted, and b) that there are '5 votes remaining' not a clearer message like 'You have 5 daily votes remaining?

Alert dialog saying 'Vote to undelete? (5 votes remaining)'

I figured out, via How do votes to delete work? that this is 'daily' votes, not votes on the post itself:

"10k users" may vote to undelete deleted questions: it usually takes three votes to undelete a question [...]
you, the author: you can undelete it [...] you get five votes to delete per day [...]
You get as many votes to undelete as votes to delete.

So I don't find that dialog message clear at all.

Make it clear a self-delete vote isn't a "vote", it's just deleting is for deleting, but hasn't covered undeleting.

The mouseover is covered: Mouseover tooltip for delete count is wrong (although the number there is wrong not just unclear)

But as my screen shot shows, I'm still prompted to 'vote' and told (unclearly) about 'votes remaining'?

Can that message be made clearer?

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    It's especially confusing because there's no limit for undeleting your own posts, and doing so on more than five posts per day will cause the counter to show a negative number. The best way to fix this is to remove the parenthetical note for users without 10k+ rep (or without 20k+ rep if the post is an answer), as that display doesn't apply to them. Dec 5, 2021 at 19:18
  • @sonic what's odd is that I deleted and undeleted at least twice to get screenshots/check the behaviour. Dec 5, 2021 at 19:26


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