Based on a tweet from Jon

Does the automated jerk detector also double as an automated nice-guy detector? I was under the impression it just blew out serial-downvotes.

What all is caught by the system?


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It should detect serial upvotes as well, to help prevent sock puppet accounts upvoting each other.

Have a look at Vote Fraud and You, apparently serial upvoting is actually a bigger problem than serial downvoting.

  • Ah, missed that one. Came to the party a few months later than that. I shoulda figured it would because of sock puppetry...
    – squillman
    Jan 28, 2010 at 18:21

Yes, it does look for up vote patterns as well. How do I know? It happen to me on Super User once. Over a pattern of a few days, tons of my questions and answers got voted up back to back. Within a few days, all the rep gained from the week disappeared.


Yes, it covers most all unusually patterned voting cases.

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