Let's Encrypt expired their X3 root certificate and started issuing certificates with their R3 root certificate at the end of September.

The image uploader in chat offers an option to provide an url to an image somewhere on the web, have it fetched by a Stack Exchange server and stored in their own Imgur instance. Here is the visual for those unfamiliar with it:

enter image description here

I have reasons to believe the Stack Exchange server is missing the updated certificate chain for the Http Client that fetches the images. Uploads for images that are hosted on a server that uses a Let's Encrypt certificate fail consistently while images from hosts that use other TTPs work fine. For the Let's Encrypt hosted images the error is:

Failed to upload image, please try again!

Trying again doesn't resolve the issue.

For example:

Specially that last one is mission critical for Kenny so it can serve Cat pictures again.

It ceased to do so on September, 29th.

Can you look into this, verify my assumption of how the black-box works and when confirmed update the certificate chain. I would love to see all "from the web" uploads work again, not just for the hosts that have the funds to buy incredible expensive certificates ...


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