This is related to Why am I not getting the Harmony hat?, but it's not a duplicate of that question.

I completed 25 suggested edit review tasks where my Reject/Approve decision matched the majority of reviewers.

Here are the reviews. You can't see from the image that my vote matches the majority of voters, but you can check it on my profile page.

In some of the reviews all the reviewers agreed with me. In others, one agreed and one disagreed (which means that, in addition to my vote, I was in the majority).

Therefore, the possible reasons I can see for not getting the Harmony hat are either:

  1. a bug in the trigger
  2. a misunderstanding of the "consecutive" part of the hat trigger. Does "eight consecutive suggested edit reviews" (25 on Stack Overflow) mean consecutive reviews which I voted on, or consecutive reviews that were presented to me in the review queue? If it's the latter, do I have to complete 8 (or 25) reviews in one sitting, and vote on each one of them? If it's the former, I believe I met this criteria.

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Thanks for pointing this one out.

Turns out we had a slight conversion issue (integer division, anyone?) when calculating if a user agreed with the "majority", this was specifically excluding 2/3 scenarios (where the user voted X, someone else voted X and a third person voted Y) and similar.

A fix for this has been pushed, and I can see that you've been awarded the hat! Congratulations!

Thanks for reporting, appreciate the help.

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    That explains it. thanks!
    – Eran
    Dec 22, 2021 at 15:18

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