We already make auto-deleting comments easier if they contain certain phrases.

Can we do the same if the comment contains @user, and that user has already deleted their comments?

If I make a comment that gets the feedback I need, and the feedbacker responds I can delete my comment, but it leaves the response dangling. I'm thinking of this sort of thing:

conversation between two users, Jake and BMO

In the above conversation, if BMO deletes all their comments, they should be able to flag the one that has @BMO (or any other user that only has deleted comments) and it be more easily auto-deleted. Note, that only having deleted comments under a question is distinct from never having commented.

I don't know if a heuristic is need to prevent abuse, but it would reduce the effort on moderators, and let comment flaggers have more power to clean up after themselves when they create a comment thread that's no longer needed.



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