I follow all questions that I voted to close. Obviously, this "Followed posts" list on my Activity page is rather longer than shorter, requiring manual clean-up from time to time. In the past, deleted questions did not appear in this list, and if I remember correctly, one could see in this list whether a question had been closed or marked as a duplicate. This is not the case now. Looking for a reason for this changed behavior, I found this Meta thread but this problem was not mentioned afaik. So, I request as a feature to implement the following (prior?) behaviors:

  1. Deleted questions should not appear in the "Followed posts" list so I don't have to manually unfollow a deleted (aka non-existing) question.
  2. Closed questions or those marked as duplicates should be shown as such in this list so I can unfollow them directly from this list without going to the question page only to find out this question has already been closed/deleted/marked as a duplicate.

As an aside: I find it also weird that when I unfollow a question from this list, it is still retained in the list until I reload the page. I think, previously an unfollowed list was immediately removed from this list.

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