I want to ask the following question:

Is there any way to see a deleted website other than archive.org, archive.is, Google or Yandex cache? There was a publication on the impact of one Syberian petrochemical plant. I summarized some of its points and included them in a piece I write for Russian Greenpeace. But now it's deleted and apparently not archived. It's like 1984! It freaks me out a bit. It's been "rectified" out of the internet. Or hasn't it?

Which site within the Stack Exchange network will take this question?

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    I've been kicked around SE with this question instead of being properly redirected, not fair. I've posted it here, because a user on SE Web Applications advised me so (ibb.co/fY70RKG) Jan 3 at 18:04
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    The best we can do is change it into a site recommendation request, which I just did for you. I doubt it will get an answer that advices for a site in the network but we can wait a bit to see if that holds.
    – rene
    Jan 3 at 18:10
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    You were advised by the mod on web applications to ask for a site recommendation. The guidance is in the tag wiki: meta.stackexchange.com/tags/site-recommendation/info
    – rene
    Jan 3 at 18:12
  • By the way, it was restored so it's less relevant now (but it was scary) Jan 4 at 11:09


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