In The Overflow blog's footer the word "Wordpress" should be stylized in Pascal Case as "WordPress". That's how it's usually written, see wordpress.com.

screenshot of blog footer

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    Title case? It spelled "WordPress" and is independent of casing. "Wordpress" is a very common misspelling of "WordPress". Jan 8 at 2:27
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    Ahem, Pascal Case (aka Upper Camel Case), ahem Jan 8 at 2:28
  • @P.Mort.-forgotClayShirky_q I'm a bit confused right now of exactly what to call it...
    – bad_coder
    Jan 8 at 2:28
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    I urge the previous editor (not Sonic) to read the article they linked very closely - the title case is for Capitalized Words, the correct case for WordPress is PascalCase. Jan 8 at 5:52
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    @bad_coder it's WordPressCase. ;-) Jan 8 at 7:24
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    I want to split the difference and just go "The appropriate case" :D
    – Journeyman Geek Mod
    Jan 8 at 11:04
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    I love that this post title doesn't even have WordPress in Pascal case, even though it's complaining about WordPress not being in Pascal case in the footer. That irony is delicious. Jan 8 at 13:00
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    I think that is intentional, @GeorgeStocker. I even left it be when editing to preserve the play despite considering correcting it. Jan 8 at 18:40

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