Users with a gold badge in a tag are able to edit the list of duplicates for a question. There are no keyboard shortcuts defined for this. For example, a rather routine task is to close a question against multiple duplicates, yet the workflow can be cumbersome:

  1. Go to the question and press M (moderate) -> C (close) -> search for the first duplicate -> Enter (close as duplicate).

  2. Use the mouse to click Edit in the duplicate notification. Notification area for duplicate closure. There is an "Edit" button on the top right.

  3. Use the mouse to click "Add".

    Page with a list of duplicates. There is a "Remove" button for each duplicate, "Add" and "Save" buttons for the list.

  4. Search for a duplicate and add it.

  5. Use the mouse to select "Save".

Steps 2. and 3. and 5. can be achieved much easier with keyboard shortcuts.

Only a few are needed:

  • On a closed question
    • Shortcut for editing the duplicate list. This could be under "moderate".
  • On the page for the duplicate links
    • Adding a duplicate.
    • Saving the list.
    • Selecting a duplicate. J and K are used to select next/previous post, so it could be consistent to keep those. But there can be other alternatives.
    • Removing a selected duplicate.
    • Moving a selected duplicate up or down. This is not essential but it is a functionality of the page. Not having it keyboard accessible is not much of a loss, though.

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