I am working on a full-stack application, and I've got a feature that I want to implement. Now I am not sure how I should design that. For me, it's not trivial and has many things to take into consideration.

The question is more about Python, React, JavaScript, and Websockets. Less UI/UX, and more about performance. Because it is something more complex, I would assume an answer would rather be an opinion.

I've looked at some of the Stack Exchange sites, but I couldn't really find a place to ask the question, and fear being wrong for using them:

  • Stack Overflow - Not suitable since the answer would be more of an opinion?

  • User Experience - Not suitable since the question is more logic/backend related.

  • Code Review - I don't really have any code to review, it's more theoretical right now and in the planning/design phase.

I would like to know where I can ask such a question.


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