First, some related bugs:

Link button in post editor escapes square brackets in code

Please improve the auto-linking to allow square and round brackets (status completed apparently?)

Editor breaks old links when adding new ones with Ctrl+L, if existing link text has square brackets ([]) (definitely fixed)

New "[tag:" syntax interferes with Markdown links (status by design)

But I think this is new?

If you have this text

[select this text

and then select only select this text(not the leading bracket) the editor's "Insert link" grabs the unhighlighted square bracket inside of the link text escapes it for you:

and It looks like [ \[select this text][1] after using the editor's "Insert link" . It also works on the other side, and you end up going from tricky] to [tricky\]].

In all cases I'm not selecting the bracket.

Can this bug be fixed?


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