Similar to Help Center still says that Triage is "Stack Overflow only"; however, it's enabled on Physics since September, there is another Help Center page that lists the review queues and claims it's Stack Overflow only: the 'access review queues' privilege page:

Learn more about each specific queue and how to perform reviews by visiting these Help center pages:

  • Triage – Stack Overflow only - 500 reputation

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I've now updated the list in the "Access review queues" privilege page (/help/privileges/access-review-queues) to match the "What are review queues?" help page (/help/reviews-intro) – which I recently edited as well – since this issue was already fixed there.

In addition to fixing the issue you point out, I also reorganized the list entries to match the order the review queues appear in on Stack Overflow and other full sites, and added a link back to the "What are review queues?" page.

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