When you visit a post (eg. from /questions or from the home page), the link to that post is changed to be a different color to mark that you've visited it.

The benefit of this is that it visibly tells you whether you've already seen a post or not– but this only works if the two colors are distinct enough; you have to be able to tell them apart.

On Meta Stack Exchange, these two colors are much too similar:

Post view on Meta Stack Exchange with two posts visible, there's a previously visited post on top, and a never-visited post on bottom

(The visited post is the top one, and the unvisited is below.)

The default color is #4e82c2, and the visited color is #36649d.

When placed side-by-side, the contrast isn't as bad, but when it's text on Meta's white background, they heavily blend together.

Being able to barely tell the colors apart completely defeats the purpose of this feature.

Can the visited link color be updated to something more distinct?

I put together a userscript to fix it purely for myself, since it's as simple as overriding a single CSS class:

.s-post-summary--content-title.s-link:visited,.s-post-summary--content-title .s-link:visited {
    color: #838383 !important;

But it would be really great if it was made more useable for everyone by design, with a color that appropriately addresses accessibility guidelines (the #838383 gray I used above doesn't necessarily do that).



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