When asking a question here on Meta SE, the sidebar titled "Step 1: Draft your question" (which appears as a dropdown menu on mobile in the responsive design) has the following text:

Is your question about the Stack Exchange engine that powers the Stack Exchange network?

The hyperlink on "network" points to http://stackexchange.com/sites. Can this be changed to use HTTPS?

More generally, it seems (after checking on a bunch of Meta sites including Meta Stack Overflow) that the hyperlink on "SE parent site" in

Is your question about the [SE parent site] community or website?

always points to the HTTP version of the main site. It would be great if these could all be converted to HTTPS.


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These two links are now fixed to use https://. And while doing so, I fixed over 100 other instances in the codebase as well.

so h-t-t-p
not a secure protocol


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