Sometimes, when close-voting, the question gets closed and subsequently reopened in very short order. If attempting to recast a close-vote, this dialogue appears:

Close vote panel, telling me I can't vote to close again after retracting.

It tells me that I can't vote to close again after retracting, which would be true if I had retracted the close-vote. I hadn't:

  • I didn't retract. My close vote was valid and contributed to the question being closed.

  • The question was immediately reopened by one with that power/privilege resulting in the notice above on the close menu.

Expected behaviour:

  • Panels should reflect that the vote was not retracted.

Related sync issue if the timing of close/reopen makes a difference.

Another post re panel notices and vote-retractions, marked status-completed, but not.

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    Where do we stand on this? I ran into the same problem today and was quite surprised to see that message. I casted a close vote, the question got closed, then reopened by a power user. I later found an exact duplicate, but can't vote again.
    – MrUpsidown
    Nov 7 at 15:28


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