The "Achievements" menu on Skeptics shows me Russian text near my achievements:

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The Russian text is:

Узнайте больше об этом в Справке

Which means:

Learn more about it in Help.

I have checked my profile, and nowhere have I seen any country information or language preference. The help center doesn't to have any information about changing the language of achievements.

I'm located in Germany, and https://www.myip.com/ agrees that my IP address is located in Germany. I don't speak Russian, and my browser doesn't have anything set to "Russian". Thus, I don't see why this text is in Russian. Also, even if Stack Exchange thought I was in Russia, it's a bit weird to have half of the text in Russian and the other half in English...

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    This is a rare case, the core issue was never fixed. Here is one of the older bug reports. TL;DR: someone on Stack Overflow in Russian viewed their badges right after code rebuild, and have account on Skeptics as well, so Skeptics cache was built in Russian. Feb 23 at 9:47
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    @ShadowWizardHatesOmicron interesting, thanks! (it's also interesting the the bug report you linked is marked as "status-completed")
    – DDD4
    Feb 23 at 10:00
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    After fixing the current bug report will be marked as "статус-завершено" Feb 23 at 11:02
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    It’s marked as “status-completed” because the core issue was fixed per meta.stackexchange.com/questions/234589/… . Whether the fix was wrong or whether this is a new bug, I can’t tell. Feb 23 at 12:23
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    A user on one of the sites I moderate reported a very similar issue for an inbox notification about a post (not an achievement); seems likely the cause is the same. Mar 5 at 1:46


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