I have noticed a banner saying "Happy 10 year anniversary!" in the right sidebar on some sites recently - on Sports and on Academia.

Screenshot showing the banner


  • Is this something which has to be requested by moderators or CMs, or is it added automatically by the Stack Exchange software?
  • Is it a new feature? Or did I simply miss other sites which had a similar banner in the past?
  • If it is done automatically, under which conditions is the banner added? (When does it start? When does it end? Are there also other banners in addition to the 10-year anniversary?)

Some results from the Wayback Machine and some related posts:

(I wasn't sure about the choice of tags here. I have also included - I see that the tag-info says that it is about the anniversary of SO, but if the same anniversary is going to be celebrated in some way also for individual sites, maybe it could be reasonable to expand the scope of this tag.)


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I believe that we are trying to do this for all sites that have 10th anniversaries, and can link the posts to meta announcements if the site mods want (the CM team handles that communication). These are put up manually (as in: I or a different developer copies in the html into a site setting for each site, and removes it when it is taken down, modifying it if it needs to link to an announcement post). We keep them up for about a month around the date of the anniversary (we batch them together, so it is not strictly "one month before or after" but rather "in the month of").

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