On a site where I am a moderator, i.e. Code Review, I was looking at this post from a user that joined within the past day. The new contributor indicator is not appearing under their username and avatar.

missing new contributor icon

This is occurring in every browser I have checked, including:

  • Google Chrome Version 99.0.4844.74 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10
  • Google Chrome Version Version 99.0.4844.74 (Official Build) (x86_64) on Mac OS X 12.2.1
  • Microsoft Edge Version 99.0.1150.39 (Official build) (64-bit) on Windows 10
  • Mozilla Firefox 98.0.1 (64-bit) on Mac OS X 12.2.1
  • Mozilla Firefox 98.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10
  • Safari Version 15.3 (17612. on Mac OS X 12.2.1

Interestingly it does appear on a new post for that same user on their recent post on Stack Overflow. Why is it not showing on Code Review?

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The post did have the indicator when it was first created. However, the user performed a merge of the unregistered account into their registered account. We clear the new contributor status from all posts when a merge occurs because trying to recalculate whether or not to apply it to each post is too tedious.

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