I saw that there are a lot of similar questions. But I noticed that only recently moderators started closing questions bypassing the usual voting, one moderator is enough to close it, like this one.

So my question is only about this feature. Doesn't it give them the ability to constrain the discussion on the forum according to their opinion?


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We aren't forums, and we generally avoid discussions.

Questions are asked, answers given, and...

Fundamentally - mods are trusted to be able to close questions unilaterally, and to basically make those decisions. It is a lot of power, but there's 2 checks against it - that the community can vote to reopen, and the question can be discussed on meta.

I notice there's some discussion in comments about the question - 2 close votes (though I can't see how many re-open votes) and so on. There's reasons given - and keeping questions on topic is a valid use of a mod closure, though practically the community on my sites beat me to it.

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