I'm currently trying to use that app.

StackedOff - an offline StackExchange indexer and search engine

During an internet GB restriction on my side, the stackoverflow.com-PostHistory.7z file is 30 GB; is that file important to be downloaded to run the StackedOff app above?

I would also like to know what GUI tool you can use in the desktop app to view Stack Overflow dump files.

I find that in the StackedOff app, I can't search with specific tags like we can do in the real Stack Overflow.

Are there any better/more features than the StackedOff app available in this community but with a GUI/Localhost local version?

  • "If downloading stackoverflow.com, ensure you download the Posts, Users, and Comments files." - There are instructions on the linked github Mar 19, 2022 at 11:52

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As @NickstandswithUkraine mentions in the comments, the tool's GitHub page says:

Most of the sites are in individual 7z files. Except for stackoverflow.com which is broken up into a few seperate archives. If downloading stackoverflow.com, ensure you download the Posts, Users, and Comments files.

PostHistory is a different database table and a different file, so you don't need to download it. That makes sense, since the search engine only looks at current versions of posts, which are in the Posts table/file.

(In general, if you have a question about an app listed on Stack Apps, it's fine to post it as an answer there. The author of the app automatically gets an inbox notification; sometimes, they're the only one able to answer a question and they'll likely miss a Meta Stack Exchange question. I'm a moderator both here and on Stack Apps but I can't migrate this question to an answer on the Stack Apps post.)


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