I asked this question on Super User, because it seemed that Super User was the most appropriate SE site, based on its on topic page. My reasoning was that I was asking for general help about using software.

However, I was a bit concerned whether Server Fault could have been a more appropriate site for the question, since my question was about using a program often used for system administration, and Server Fault's on topic page lists questions about "tools used for administering, monitoring, or automating these" as on topic.

Did I make the right choice with the SE site I posted my question to?


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Yes, it's definitely on-topic for Super User. In fact, they even have a tag (which you seem to have used):

Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. (See questions tagged )

Don't worry about your question being on-topic for multiple sites; you could always follow this advice from Jeff Atwood:

Ask on the site you feel is the best match to your question (or, often, your job title).

If you don't get an acceptable answer, it is OK to delete the question -- flag it for mod attention if necessary -- and re-ask on another site.


Your questions should always be tailored to the specific community of people that you are asking.


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