It appears that the new design that has been rolled out recently forces a frame with a white background when displaying the user avatar at the top of the page.

I'm kind of forced to use gravatar to host my image because hosting it on stack.imgur will not allow transparency. Here is how my image appears on my User Card, where we can see the transparency being applied:

user card with transparency

And here is what I see in the top bar:

as seen on the top bar

This design decision will mess up with all the users that have transparency on their image.

I'd like to point out that it is a discrepancy with all of the other icons that show on the top-bar; none of them (except the user avatar) have a background:

discrepancy with other icons

And here is what I see on my profile page:

as seen on the profile page

I feel like the need for adding the white background-and-frame was not needed and causes me to be annoyed every time I look at my top bar now.

Would it be possible to roll-back this forced white frame?

  • I use Firefox on Windows 10.
  • The screenshots are taken on the site I moderate, but the issue with the top-bar avatar is also visible when using the dark theme on stack overflow.


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