What are various things which can be added to the frontpage of a single site to include some information to the users? (As opposed to stuff which is displayed on all Stack Exchange sites.)

So far I have seen:

In all cases mentioned above, it was something located in a banner in the right sidebar.

Main question. Is this banner the place where a site can include some information different from the default setup? If users from some community want to include something here, is the right process to post a feature request on their per-site-meta?

Apart from that, other things that I have seen different on some sites from others that I saw are:

Additional question. What other things on the front page can be customized for some Stack Exchange site?


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As with almost anything, reaching community consensus on your per-site meta, and then tagging that post with [status-review] by a moderator is the way to go to get something done by the CM's.

If it is an already pre-existing element in the networks design, as you've listed above, I see no reason why it couldn't be switched on to any given site when that site has described an appropriate use-case for the feature. It might be that it would take some work by a developer, instead of something the CM's could do themselves. For that reason it could get declined by CM's, but I feel that that would be a case-by-case judgement on how "valuable" the addition is to a given site, and how much work it would actually take a dev to make the changes needed.

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