If I go to someone's user profile page and click on 'accounts' to see their associated accounts, and click on a profile link to another SOFU site, this opens a new browser page/tab. It would be much more polite if this was not done -- please let me decide if I wish to open a link in a new tab or not, thanks.

This is coming from the target="_blank" attribute in the anchor tag, in the https://stackoverflow.com/users/flair/<userid>.html iframe.

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Yeah, this annoys me as well. I'm perfectly capable of Ctrl+clicking or middle-clicking if I want to follow the link in a new tab...

This sort of behavior makes some sense in the "Close as Duplicate" pop-up, where navigation would interfere with a half-completed action and the new window behavior thus serves as cheap protection against mis-clicks. But there's nothing to be lost on the associated profiles page, where the back button works just fine following navigation to an associated profile, bringing you back to where you left off...

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+1 from me, target="_blank" is super annoying.

Since it is in an iframe that is intended to be embedded on external sites, I guess target="_parent" or target="_top" would be correct.

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