This old bug is back: this is how the recently active questions page on Math.SE looked like after clicking '1 question with new activity':

math questions with and without rendered MathJax

and this is how it should look like, and actually does after hitting Cmd + R or F5:

math questions with rendered MathJax

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    Looks like another classic case of "Hey, this line of code appears useless, let's remove it". ;) Apr 27 at 7:18
  • 4
    It’s been like this for years. It’s news to me that it ever was fixed. Apr 27 at 12:56
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    And this time an (automatic) regression test will be added? Apr 27 at 13:10
  • @This_is_NOT_a_forum hahahaha. haha. Yeah. good joke. :D (aka they have us, they don't need automatic tests) Apr 28 at 5:46


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