Stack Exchange staff has a simple search-and-replace tool to rewrite (broken) links without bumping the post. Can it be extended with a date range filter, so that it can update posts which were created, say, before March 18th, 2014?

You might wonder what the benefit of that is. Well, right now there are about a thousand broken links to user profiles here on Meta Stack Exchange. Posts like What is "chat with an expert"? contain links to user profiles like https://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/178438/manishearth which don't work; the correct link is https://meta.stackexchange.com/users/178438/manishearth. For questions, there's some kind of redirect in place: just try https://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/1; it will automatically redirect you to this site.

There are some cases where users have the same user ID on (Meta) Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange, e.g. @annakata mentioned here, but I expect those cases are rare. (I could write a SEDE query to be sure.)

There might be other types of Meta Stack Overflow links here with the same problem, which could benefit from the same approach. I can of course direct my script to this task, but it will bump posts and take a long time to finish because I'll need to rate limit the number of edits it makes.


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