I often prepare an answer in a local application editor that supports Markdown syntax.

After posting the answer I then add a link to that answer using the 'Copy link' of the 'Share a link to this answer' dialog.

I then create a Markdown link that contains the original question:

Adding a 'Copy markdown link' to this dialog would be a useful feature, not only for my usage, but also when posting comments that refer to an existing answer.

The corresponding Markdown link from 'Share a link to this question' could then contain 'Question:' instead of 'Answer to:'.

Many comments contain only the raw link since the building of the Markdown content is time-consuming, forcing others to go to the link just to see what it contains.

This could be avoided with a more readable text as link, that would be in a more recognisable manner (including the distinction between a referenced question or answer).



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