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Can 802.1x Wi-Fi BYOD users be required to accept an MDM policy?

I'm dipping my toe into 802.1x Wi-Fi. I currently have my Cisco 5520 Wi-Fi controller linked to Microsoft NPS (Network Policy Server, their form of RADIUS) and using login and password accounts stored in Active Directory. This is working properly.

Is there a way to also require that personal BYOD smartphones must accept an organizational MDM policy to join the 802.1x Wi-Fi, and to somehow check that the policy is still active to continue to have Wi-Fi access once joined?

It's not at all clear to me how this would work or if it can be done at all.

  • Where would the MDM policy be coming from?
  • How do I link an MDM policy to the active directory Wi-Fi account logins?
  • How would the Wi-Fi controller or NPS be able to verify that the MDM policy is active on the personal BYOD?

Also, is it possible to have an MDM policy that is only only active on BYOD when using the 802.1x Wi-Fi for our organization? But otherwise the MDM policy is inactive when using only cellular data, or other non 802.1x Wi-Fi SSIDs?

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