On my English Language Learners account (ELL), my reputation suddenly went down by 2, even though there was nothing in the reputation changes drop down menu. The very next day I received the Unsung Hero badge, and my reputation went back up by 2, and again there was no information in reputation changes that I got +2 rep.

I'm pretty sure the badge did not cause this. Is it a bug?

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  • Go check the reputation tab on your profile. Pretty sure you had an unaccept or something. Negative reputation isn't displayed as an achievement.
    – Luuklag

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and my reputation went back up by 2

Are you 100% sure of this, or only about the last digit? This is what I see (I'm a ♦ moderator on ELL.SE), and what you can see too if you tick the 'show removed posts' at the bottom of your reputation tab:

enter image description here

Both events involve a Roomba deletion; yesterday was a question you suggested an edit to; today it was an answer of yours which was deleted along with its parent question.

You're correct about the badge, that's a separate process.

  • I'm pretty sure it went from 2537 to 2539, not sure how the -8 came about to my rep (I think I forgot someone upvoted my post maybe)
    – DialFrost

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