On the currently-logged-in user's Votes page, a list of the the last 30 votes is displayed.

I would like propose that the number of rows should be adjustable, preferably by a URL query parameter (e.g. ?page_size=40). That way, if one were to scrape the page to get a list of votes for the day, one would only have to make one request per vote type (e.g. upvote / downvote).

If it's too much work to make it adjustable, may I please recommend changing it from 30 to 40 (or even 50)? If it were 40, one could make one request to the Votes page (with type = upvote or downvote) to get all of the upvotes/downvotes for the day. Currently one must make 2 requests for just 1 vote type. (If it were 50, it would work for close votes as well, as we have 50 of those a day).

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    Not sure it needs to be so focused on scraping as it makes sense to match the highest quota available regardless, but in any case it seems like a reasonable proposal. May 17 at 19:23


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