Today I attempted to flag a question as spam on Stack Overflow; however, it was deleted the same moment as I cast the flag. The UI shows a popup

You don't have the permission to use this type of flag

which, according to the tag on these bug reports from 2014:

should not happen anymore. Both have an answer from 2018 which indicate the fix broke again. A better text would be

This post has been deleted, so your flag couldn't be processed.

or something like that.

enter image description here

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    An answer to the latter question posted in 2018 indicates this came up again at that time. May 19 at 8:27
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    Ah right, I missed that one. Still, the proper procedure is to post a new bug report, right? Especially if it had already been fixed a couple of years ago?
    – Glorfindel Mod
    May 19 at 8:30
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    Yes, that's the proper procedure. May 19 at 8:52

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We were unable to reproduce your issue. However, we can confirm that we have checks in place if a post is deleted and display a different message. As such, we have decided to use a broader message as a catchall (“You cannot use this type of flag on this post at the moment”) in lieu of the current permission error.

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