When a user is logged out, there are some elements that they can interact with:

And this is how they behave:

  • Upvote/downvote: show a "join the community" pop-up with the required reputation.
  • Bookmark (only on the question): show a tooltip, informing the user to log in or register.

  • Timeline: the same as logged-in users.
  • Share link: the same as logged-in users.
  • "Improve this question/answer" link: the same as users without full edit privilege, except without "you are not logged in" text.
  • Follow: show a "join the community" pop-up.

Personally, I would expect the "follow" link to behave like the "bookmark" button since both do not require any reputation. Though, whether the tooltip or the pop-up is more preferred, can we have it more consistent?

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    It looks like this has since been made more consistent. I opened an incognito window and tried bookmarking this question and the link caused the pop-up to open instead of the tooltip. Aug 25 at 18:07


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