I'm not entirely au fait with the site's inner workings so I'm not sure if this is a , or if it's actually , hence the open question.1

The default edit summaries are not capitalised. Here, for example:

enter image description here

I've not screenshot all the other default summaries that I am aware of, but none (apart from the final one, below) are similarly not capitalised:

  • added n characters in body

  • deleted n characters in body

  • edited body

  • edited title

  • rolled back to previous question

Oddly though, this one is in title case:

  • Rollback to Revision n

Athough edit summaries are not expressly referred to in the "Use sentence casing" section of the style guide, by my reading of it they should be capitalised for consistency across the network.

Or have I missed something?

1I've not been able to locate a duplicate specifically on this topic, but do note the final bullet point of this apparently unresolved feature request from just under 10 years' ago that refers to using sentence case in the edit-comment field.

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    When you want something changed and not sure if bug or feature request, just have both and let the developer who will handle this remove one. :) May 30 at 14:53
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    Related: The default image text ("enter image description here") May 31 at 10:07
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    Yes, it probably should. There's a lot of outdated parts of the interface that adhered to the former practice of just displaying everything in lowercase, before the company implemented the Stacks design principles, which recommend sentence casing. In this case, it's not a heading or a call-to-action, but I don't think there's a reason not to use sentence casing here as well.
    – V2Blast StaffMod
    May 31 at 17:24


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