I'm a big fan of the Socratic badge because in my experience, asking 100 upvoted questions on separate days is hard: it requires long-term and consistent dedication, and you learn a substantial amount along the way.

I noticed (via this Data Explorer query) the users mpen and Cheok Yan Cheng have 7 Socratic badges at Stack Overflow, and 0xbadf00d has 7 Socratic badges at Math.SE. That's amazing! I'm wondering if this is the current per-site record.

Question: Is 7 Socratic badges the current per-site record?

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    Re "...learn a substantial amount": But even after more 1,000 questions apparently not learning community norms and still using Stack Overflow as a forum. A more notorious one produced nearly 2,000 low-quality questions on Stack Overflow. Jun 13 at 12:52

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The current record is 11 by @uhoh on Space Exploration, followed by 10 by @Charo on Italian Language. I have a SEDE query for network-wide badge statistics which I modified slightly to answer both @EvanCarroll's question in the comments (that's @FranckDernoncourt with 19 of them) and yours:

enter image description here

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