This question stems from my previous post, What's the difference between "Company Alerts" and "Company Alerts"?

Currently, I can turn on/off my Company Alerts (i.e., set to Weekly) only from Stack Overflow:

Image of "Edit email settings" page with a setting called "Company Alerts" highlighted

When it's turned on from Stack Overflow, it doesn't reflect in any of my other profiles; it's always turned off.

When it's turned off from Stack Overflow, turning it on is also not possible from any other site. Reloading the page just turns it off again.

Here's a GIF showing what I mean (tested on Super User):

GIF showing the non-functional Company Alerts setting: turning it on and reloading the page turns it off again

Changing my settings from Stack Overflow should affect all the other sites I'm a member of, as mentioned in the settings itself:

Text in email settings which says "This setting affects" all the sites one is a member of

Can this be fixed?



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