I'm currently thinking about questions with the character-identification tag at Chinese Language. I feel like a lot of the questions with this tag are "drive-by" questions, i.e., the user comes along asks e.g. "what does my tattoo say?" and never uses the site again. I'd like to get data on this.

I didn't find the exact query on Data Explorer; the closest I found was this. Changing = 1 to <= N is easy enough, but I don't know how to modify it so that it lists all the site's tags, along with the number of SingleUserQuestions with that tag.

How do I compute, for each tag, the number of users of that tag who have ≤N total questions?

Ideally, it'd be great to get the proportion too, as well as the number.

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It seems your hunch is right: [character-identification] has a lot of drive-by users asking questions. This SEDE query confirms that. Only [seal] seems 'worse' but it has significant overlap with [character-identification]. You can vary the N with the query parameter.

enter image description here

The query probably times out on larger sites; writing efficient SQL has never been one of my talents.

  • Thanks! I just noticed now I asked for "number of questions" rather than "number of users", but I think your query makes more sense. I should edit the question to match the answer. Jun 20 at 9:58

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