This answer from 2013 states that:

flags are now rendered using the same "mini-markdown" renderer used for comments.

The help center on comment formatting includes a list of shorthand links (I've linked Stack Overflow's help center here because I used [mre] in the flag which is supported comment markdown there). The answer also mentions specific shorthand links like:

[gardening.se] or [su]

However, it does not appear that all of these links are supported, nor are other supported comment markdown features like [tag:]: self-removed comment flag with unparsed markdown reading: "Test markdown parse [tour], [mre], [tag:pandas], [ask]"

Is it no longer correct that flags are parsed "using the same "mini-markdown" renderer used for comments"? Or is this a bug and these mini-markdown shortcuts should be supported?

If it is intentional that flags use a different subset of markdown than comments can it be documented somewhere what markdown is supported in flags and what is not?

To be clear, I am not arguing the usefulness of these shortcuts. I am simply asking if this markdown should be supported and if they should not can we document what exactly is supported in flags.


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