I asked a question on Stack Overflow, but the image I included doesn’t show up. Instead I only get an image icon. I used Gyazo to upload the image. Is that site not allowed?

The question.


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Use the image uploader in the question itself. You don't link to an image, you instead link to a website where the image is present. You can see clearly because of the absence of a .jpg or .png extension on your link.

If you inspect the image in the link, and look for its source you will find:


Using the appropriate markdown you can make that show:

A quick way to get this link would be to right click the image available in your original Gyazo link and select "Copy image address".

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    Ah that makes sense. You already edited my Stackoverflow question too right? Thanks for your help :)
    – Ehrenmann
    Jul 8 at 9:23

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