Please go to https://stackexchange.com/ , then go to the bottom and click on Hot Questions feed.

enter image description here

This will rediect you to https://stackexchange.com/feeds/questions and gives XML code:

enter image description here


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This page isn't supposed to be rendered. That's the source page for an RSS feed.

If you put that link as the source for a feed - such as Feedly, or the feeds built into Stack Exchange Chat - it will alert you to new questions that have become Hot Network Questions. But it's not supposed to be a rendered page.


It's not HTML, it's XML, and a specific variation: it's an RSS feed. It depends on your browser and what other programs you have installed what happens: the file will be downloaded, shown as code or opened in an RSS reader which you can use to keep track of new things ... new hot network questions in this case.

You can check the tag wiki to see what kind of feeds are available on the Stack Exchange platform.

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