On MSO, when looking at the users page, the participation, voters, and editors tabs have the option to add "filters". The default is "month", but there are also "week", "quarter", "year", and "all".

When clicking a filter like "quarter" a URL parameter is added to the URL "&filter=quarter":

Enter image description here

However, the navigation links at the bottom of the pane do not consider the existing filter. Note the absence of "&filter=quarter" in the link URLs:

Enter image description here

Clicking these links loses the filter which either changes the result set or leads to a blank page since the pagination is based on the initial filter.

This is the case on all three tabs participation, voters, and editors.

It is possible to manually navigate to page two with the feature by adding the filter to the URL, e.g., Page 2 Quarterly Participation, so this is simply an issue with including the filter in the navigation links.

Just for confirmation, I reproduced this behaviour on Meta Super User (Screenshot MSU) and Meta Server Fault (Screenshot MSF) so this seems to be a per-site meta issue not localised to just MSO.

Note: This is handled correctly on Stack Overflow's (and other main sites) Reputation, Voting, and Editors tabs:

Enter image description here

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    Yep, can confirm that this bug is pretty easily reproducible. Good catch!
    – V2Blast StaffMod
    Jul 12 at 14:53


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