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The question title text seems quite massive in comparison to the rest of the page. I am on mobile. Maybe we can make this a bit smaller?

Details of my phone:

  • Running Chrome on Android

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To me this looks perfectly acceptable. Perhaps some of your phone's settings are off? You should include details like that in your report.

Screenshot of stackexchange.com

Running Chrome on Android.


You have text scaling of more than 100%, hence you see bigger text. I was able to reproduce your screenshot when changing it, e.g. to 150%.

To reach it, open the app settings, then under Advanced, tap Accessibility:

mobile chrome settings

Then slide the "Text scaling" bar back to 100%, and after reload you'll see the text in the normal size again.

Text scaling at more than 100%

  • My text scaling is 100%
    – DialFrost
    Jul 14 at 11:46
  • @DialFrost well, so at some lower level, e.g. system settings. Jul 14 at 11:47

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