In the moderator dashboard, there's an option to record yourself as absent / inactive. There's a checkbox to have this apply on all sites you moderate, but its label is wrapped awkwardly; "on all" appears on the far right and "sites I moderate" on the next line all the way to the left. I feel like the textbox can make some room, or otherwise move the checkbox and the label to the next line.

screenshot from moderator dashboard

(Firefox on macOS, 13" MacBook Pro - this page isn't fully responsive yet so YMMV.)

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    That label seems to need a css rule: display : inline-block;. That will move the checkbox and text completely under the button / inputbox when there is not enough width left.
    – rene
    Jul 16 at 8:03
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    Repeating what Catija said earlier you don't... go on vacation, do you???
    – rene
    Jul 16 at 8:06


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