There's a lot of talk about removing or penalizing questions because they are "duplicates", but there's a lot of times when a question should be reasonably reasked because the technology or subject has evolved over the years.


  • Phones (features, menus, etc.)
  • Basically anything.

Making the original question and last answer dates an easily searchable would also potentially be super useful.

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    There's no real penalty - duplicate closures are meant to act as signposts, and a more up to date question with specific reference to a newer iteration of a technology ought not to be closed as a dupe to an older one
    – Journeyman Geek Mod
    Aug 7 at 6:01
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    Hey notdan! What do you exactly mean by "making dates easy to see"? Can you please elaborate? Aug 7 at 6:47
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    The body of this question appears to have two distinct parts. The first part, on "outdated" duplicate questions, has been discussed to death (e.g. here and here). The second, on how to search for creation/activity date, is answered here.
    – bobble
    Aug 7 at 14:33
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    Yes @Rob thank you. Also, for everyone who replied - I did not expect this much attention and feedback on my semi-ill thought out suggestion, but appreciate the awesome tenacity displayed for sure. Glad to be here.
    – notdan
    Aug 8 at 23:04

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When you say:

there's a lot of times when a question should be reasonably re-asked because the technology or subject has evolved over the years

I disagree because our wiki-style editing of questions and answers enables us to always improve a question and any one or more of its answers to keep the Q&A current with new software versions.

It may be that a question cannot be reasonably applied to a new version but, in that case you are not re-asking a question, instead you would be asking a new question.

To understand the style of answering that I am advocating and which is respectful of versions I think this answer to Version labels for answers is worth reviewing. I think the most important thing for a software question and its answer(s) is to mention the version(s) they apply to.

  • Yep thats very true. I just found myself looking at very old posts the day I made this comment, and figured it might be worth looking at in a way that's maybe user-controllable or something. I obviously have little experience when it comes to running a site like this :)
    – notdan
    Aug 8 at 23:05

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