On every per-site-meta, there are default tags1 which are automatically created when the site is created. At the same time, the tag-info for some of them is created - although there are a few bugs related to these default tag-infos.2

I have noticed that some of those tag-wikis contain http rather than https link to various sites in the Stack Exchange network. For example, the site Bioacoustics is relatively new. If you look at the tag-info for support, the links to FAQ and search are both http:.

Suggestion: In the place from which these default tags are imported, change http: to https: where needed.

I will explicitly mention that this post is different from an older feature request: Convert http links to https in tag wikis. This post is about the text imported together with any default tag - the other one is about already existing tag-wikis.

1For more details, see the tag-info and this post: What tags exist by default on child metas?

2Such as: "The initial default version of the tag wiki excerpt is not shown on the tags page" and "The imported tag-info for default tags is ignored in revision history".

3The tag-wikis for default tags are actually not listed in SEDE - this is related to one of the bugs linked above. Still, searching for tag-wikis containing https on per-site-metas might at least help to give some impression which of the tags might be influenced by this.


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