There is a display issue when hovering over any of the tags in the "Responses" tab. The popover on the bottom is overlapped with the below revision's tag and icons. But the popover on top doesn't have any display issue.

Screenshot for reference

Tag overlap issue - image

GIF for reference:

Tag overlap issue - GIF


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I've addressed this issue now. We had the same issue on another page so copy pasting my response from there:

This issue occurred while I was adding keyboard navigation support to our tag popovers as part of our accessibility initiative. It turns out we're using clip-path to animate the collapsible component here which creates a new css stacking context. Thus causing the painting order problem (different stacking contexts don't share the same z-index context).

I had to disable the collapse/expand animation for now to get rid of the issue. We will look into alternative animation strategies for a long term fix but this change should address the immediate issue.

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