For the past couple of days I have been occasionally greeted with the reassuring toast message that my profile has been saved successfully.

The weird thing is that I wasn't editing my profile and haven't done so earlier. I was on the active question tab and all I did was hit the refresh button to make sure I'm not looking at stale data.

I have this issue only intermittently on Stack Apps and I've verified that the few running scripts on that page are not the root cause of the issue.

All questions page on Stack Apps showing green toast message "Your profile has been saved successfully."

I'm reporting here to gather more intelligence about occurrences of this spooky message by other users or maybe a satisfying reassurance that this an edge case not to be worried about.

For obvious reasons, I'm concerned when my profile does get changed, one way or the other, specially on a site where I'm a moderator.

Jon Clements cleverly asked: If you go to the admin page for stackapps and view your own user history does it show a "user edited profile" record? which I checked and no such record exist on my user history. It is instead littered with me doing moddy things ...

In case it matters: I'm on Chrome latest, Windows 10, Tampermonkey is the script manager with AutoComments, Lost Soul and Smokey Flag Dialog running. uBlock Origin is also active.

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    If you can set Chrome to save a HAR file, that would make it much easier to figure out what is going on. Sep 4 at 1:40
  • @forestdistrustsStackExchange I've managed to capture an HAR file today when the event occurred which I will share privately with SE staff on request. Thanks for reminding me to use that feature to obtain technical data, that is helpful.
    – rene
    Sep 4 at 9:49
  • Remember to clear your session so the authentication cookies are invalidated before sending the file! Sep 5 at 0:05
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    "which I checked and no such record exist on my user history." based on my testing, clicking "Save changes" without having anything edited will still show the toast message but not store anything on user history though. Sep 5 at 4:41
  • Well, first suspect is one of the userscripts you have installed. Sep 5 at 7:01


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